#6520534, By twoism Final Fantasy XIV Online Thread

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    Mine's been crashing more often after the last couple patches. Grrr.

    I'm beginning to really enjoy the game though, despite the odd backwards-thinking design choices - mostly to do with the UI (would it have killed them to streamline the job switching process so we don't have to make dozens of macros ourselves?)

    But, the small glimpse of story is quite intriguing, and there's so much to do even if you don't initially know how to do it. I've got a Rank 10 Pugilist/Rank 6 Marauder going, and just beginning to figure out the crafting jobs. I've not wandered far off the beginner areas of Gridania but hoping to make a safe trip to the next closest city to explore further after I've finished my levequests.

    I never could get into FFXI, but this is much more accessible IMO.
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