#5346289, By I_AM_THE_DOCTOR Japanese maids and schoolgirls

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    simiankid wrote:
    Pirotic wrote:
    simiankid wrote:
    Pirotic wrote:
    /was too busy chatting up girls to learn about apostrophe's.

    Apostrophe's what?

    Yer, that was sort of the joke.

    I was joining in!

    And for what it's worth, YOU_ARE_THE_DOCTOR if you can't distinguish fetish nonsense from ACTUAL CRIME, you should be steering well clear of both. Although saying that, everyone should be steering clear of crime. What was I saying?

    Fuck, is it time to go home yet?

    Cool so if you are into sucking donkey's dicks it's fine, just a fetish, you are a total normal person?
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