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    Isn't it the other way round? It's similar to DRM.

    You want your content to be DRM free but for those times when DRM stores have incredible deals you want your device to support all the DRM under the Sun.

    The Amazon store adds value to the Kindle, rather than removing it, by adding another avenue through with to purchase books. One that also syncs to the PC/iPhone/Android apps of Kindle but probably never to the 505 reader. From what I've read (thinking about a Kindle for Christmas, unless B&N do a Euro push with the Nook as that also looks quite nice) the Kindle is capable of viewing any non-DRM books just like the 505*; I'm not sure what the UK Sony book store is like (which I assume the Kindle would be blocked from accessing any DRM content on).

    *At least it will be, given a quick formatting change with a PC app in the worst cases; best case it'll have native support.
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