#9426255, By agparrot The GRAW2 organize online games (for disgruntled Flashpoint 2 gamers)

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    barchetta wrote:
    I may well be on after 10pm. Trying to get back into the control method. Spent my first few games swapping weapons instead of reloading and doing that crazy crouch/stand/prone dance a la Dara O'Briain's skit.....
    Hehe. A few of us new players have planted explosives before holding down the left-stick to sprint away... only to discover that that makes your man there lie down, quite slowly, and that getting back up is also quite a slow process, all the while the explosives timer is ticking down.

    I'll fire you a FR from my gamertag - Simplicitly - it isn't some random stranger. Well, y'know, not THAT random or strange.
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