#5606650, By FHUTA Secret Santa 2009 - Over to you!

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    MrED209 wrote:
    DFawkes wrote:

    What? Who's sending your Santee stuff then? Do they order stuff so much they forgot they'd bought something, and are at this second complaining to the online store they bought it from because it hasn't arrived yet, then they'll open in on Christmas Day and go "oh... right. Whoops."?

    That'd make them feel silly. I haven't ordered anything online I haven't received, and nobody has been using my card lately except me, so it's not me. Unless DaisyD thought I was extra special and gave a few people my address.

    Noooo. Although I don't actually understand what you wrote at all and I've read it three times now!

    I think the gist was that someone may have ordered themselves something from the internet and not realised it'd turned up - instead thinking it was from their EG Secret Santa and so instead of opening it, it's now waiting under the tree unneccessarilly.
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