#5638527, By Skorms-Boss Secret Santa 2009 - Over to you!

  • Skorms-Boss 23 Dec 2009 15:02:14 343 posts
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    Salaman wrote:
    Skorms-Boss wrote:
    drum roll.......

    my secret santa prezzy has arrived!


    Thank fuck for that! I was getting a bit worried!

    Yeah, yeah. I know. *Secret* Santa and all but frankly her package coming from Belgium probably was enough of a give away.

    This made me laugh though:

    Skorms-Boss wrote:
    Salaman wrote:
    If you receive a gift on Monday, special delivery, open it in private. A "makeshift" DYI assembled fleshlight made from a Pringles tube might be hard to explain to your family on Xmas day.

    edited for further accuracy

    I pray you arn't my secret santa
    I would hate to explain anything to my hubby!

    You clearly didn't pray hard enough. (",)
    I'm just curious now whether you'll chance opening your gifts in front of 3rd parties or not.

    all sat under the tree at the moment but I might just wake up early christmas morning for a little alone time with your prezzy!

    thanks again!
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