#5392351, By Angel_Treats Does anyone have a mkII Punto?

  • Angel_Treats 21 Oct 2009 18:11:02 11,070 posts
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    It's not. And he wanted it, I didn't!

    Bloodkult, I'm just wondering what the clutch was like on your Punto. The clutch in the one we've just bought is very high - the bite point is almost right at the top of the travel. Normally I'd wonder if the clutch was on its way out but it's not slipping at all and apparently it's a hydraulic clutch and in the mkII the bite point is always high. Was yours similar?

    We're both jobhunting and depending on where we end up working, we may have to buy a second car. This one will DEFINITELY NOT be mine as I hate it to death.
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