#5399449, By tannerd PS3 games are better than 360 games

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    steoc4 wrote:
    Timmy wrote:
    If they're percentage averages, most of the games designers should be ashamed of themselves. Dragging it down into the 60 percents/percentile. Shameful.

    Ummm, by definition the average should be 'average' - which is exactly what 60%ish is to games reviewers on the whole (it should really be 50% of course)

    Bad statistics alert

    Yes, you can say that an average game should score 50%

    What you can't say is that the average of a group of game review scores, or indeed the average of the average of a group of game review scores should equal any value.

    Otherwise any developer producing a 10/10 game would be required to produce a 0/10 game to keep the stats in check.

    Averages of game scores should be above 50% in general - they are produced to make profits, and there's not really much profit to be made in releasing utter rubbish. Or if you want to be arty about it, they are acts of human endeavour and very few people would take such little pride in their work to release crap.
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