#5416685, By Dandy11 64bit vs. 32bit Windows 7

  • Dandy11 27 Oct 2009 18:45:14 84 posts
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    can anyone help. just got windows 7 upgrade. it has both 32bit and the 64bit on the dvd. I have dell vista 32bit os and i know you cant upgrade vista 32bit to windows 7 64bit. but can i clean install to windows 64bit with the windows 7 upgrade dvd?

    I have booted from the 64bit DVD. but got scared and gave up when i saw

    Disk 0 partition 1 total 62.0mb free 54.0mb (reserved)

    Disk 1 partition 2 Recovery total 15GB free 9.3MB primary

    Disk 0 partition 3 OS total 581.1GB free 409.0GB system
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