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    SClaw wrote:
    Oh this is a fun thread.

    I moved out, but Iíll honestly say that living there scarred me. Iím now living in nice house in an estate thatís virtually silent, but I twitch at the least noise from outside and I move around myself like a damn mouse. But Iím getting over it. Only now Iím out of that flat do I see how badly messed up I was there.

    Holy shit... I turned that into a real thrapy session didnít I? Sorry.
    See my post 1 or 2 (3? Haven't kept up with the thread) pages back.
    When we were in a top flat with neighbours downstairs complaining even though there was nothing but incidental noise from us. Nothing intentionally loud. Not too much out of the ordinary. But it seemed our neighbours could hear every breath we drew and it did make us move around like damn mice.
    It was quite unhealthy. The gf flinched at any sound she might have accidental made. She felt really ill at ease, (in our own flat! Doing nothing except 'being at home').

    So one evening when we gave a lift to a friend after a party and she said "Do you know anyone who's looking for an apartment, we'll be moving to the UK" I said we might be interested, although we weren't looking.
    The girlfriend actually was a bit taken aback as she hadn't considered moving (and neither had I but when someone has a place going, I was willing to have a look and a listen) and probably would have stayed there god knows how long as she wasn't seeing quite how crazy and destructive it was, not feeling at home in our own place.
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