#8894310, By rockavitch I wish to end my neighbours

  • rockavitch 29 Jul 2012 01:59:08 988 posts
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    Currently sitting here gritting my teeth after being awakened for the second time tonight (4th time last 3 nights) by the people in the flat above, drunk, stomping and blasting the same 3 Riahna songs. Thinking I'll have to talk to the landlord about it tomorrow as I haven't had more than 3 hours sleep each night for a few weeks now.

    Spoke to them this morning about it, well tried, and they acted like they couldn't fully understand what I was saying (They are polish so english is not their first language) resulting in them closing door in my face. Funny thing is I've heard them speak perfect english when the landlord calls for the rent. Doubt it'll solve anything though as other neighbour told me that the parents of the guy above are good friends of landlords family. So I think my only solution is to buy some earplugs.

    Also my bin wasn't collected today as it is so full that the lid is sitting vertically, which wasn't the case when I left it out this morning, saw some letters in it addressed to them so yeah..

    Only 5 months of lease left *takes deep breath*
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