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    Humans have no basic need to consume the flesh of animals.

    What are my canines for?

    What's your appendix for?

    Where your appendix may be relatively useless your teeth have developed for omnivores. herbivores and carnivores have specific teeth for the job in hand.

    I only raise this point because i find ex-meat-eaters a lot like ex-smokers. Far too quick to jump in with arguments about how X is terribly bad for you or Y is such a better way to be even though most people already know these things and have made up their own minds to do whatever they please - note: not all have this attitude.

    If you are happier being a vegan then i applaud you for being able to stick with it.

    Personally i love meat and will not attempt to argue why i think you should eat meat. Tbh i dont care what you do, just dont try to convert me to your ways :)

    I appreciate I'm a bit late back to the discussion (blame a completely fucked PC) - I respect anyone's views, provided they've thought about it - and justified it. Unfortunately, diet is one of those things that people don't think about.
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