#5453468, By Shinji 2nd year of uni too hard. What to do?

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    RedSparrows wrote:
    I enjoy a bit of contempt in my essays. My tutor liked it too, so it's all good. But then, I was preaching to the vicar. So, yeah.

    Most of the time I love my university to bits for being full of fascinating, accomplished people on the academic staff, but when every second article you discover on a topic references back to one that was written by your bloody lecturer, you start realising that the "my god, this is all a load of old shit" approach is going to have to be very, very fucking persuasive :)

    Linguistics is one of them. Fascinating as part of a network, but I'd never be able to hack studying it alone, I reckon.

    Yeah. I couldn't, really. It was intriguing to spend a year peering through the door, but I was pretty glad to shut it quietly and tiptoe away after that. Having a better idea for the shape and form of thinking in that field does give a certain extra perspective to the other stuff I'm doing now, though, so it was definitely worthwhile.

    (I can also second Gremmi here - this is a great field for shoe-horning gloriously offensive phrases into academic essays. Discovering key differences in the politeness strategies employed by male and female speakers became an exercise in finding out which party swore more like a group of drunken sailors, and giving the best examples :) )
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