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    I downloaded the new version this morning on my N1 which is rooted and has Modaco's 1.2 rom.

    Without being logged in reading at least the latest Ellie-review (just Dance) and the comments to that worked. One odd thing is that when I am reading the review or the comments the menu button doesn't do anything. It probably would be nice to make it possible to be able to login when you are there too.

    I then logged in. While I still can read the review I cannot access the comments. It closes with: "The application Eurogamer App (process.com. and so on) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again". I'm still inside the app though when I do Force Close (at the review text) so it isn't the whole app crashing. If I log out again I again can access the comments. Same when I try to access the forum. Logged in it crashes, logged out I get the info that I neeed to be logged in to see the forum.

    BTW - a "logout" button would probably be good in the future :). It took me a few seconds to realize that using "clear" logged me out.

    Even with the bugs it is sooo nice to be able to quickly browse the content. It's going to be a great app!

    A few thought for improvements when it is a bit more stable or after v1.0:

    * Maybe some way to filter the content, not only on type (review, news etc.) but also on Xbox360, PS3 etc. Not sure how to best do this. Either set it up in the settings or maybe have separate tabs for a few custom filters ..... still - being able to filter would be nice.

    * Caching. Am I correct it currently downloads everything everytime you access it even if you have been reading it before? It would be good if it cached the stuff you have been reading so nexst time you do not have to access the site and download the whole thing again ... although that introduces a problem if the article is changed I guess unless Eurogamer's API gives you a "last changed" timestamp.

    * More caching - a future update could be to allow it to download content in the background, for example when you are on WIFI or every 60 minutes, so that you always have an updated list of Eurogamer content.

    Oh, I guess the Widget later will link to the app when you click on it? Right now it doeesn't do more than show the last few titles.

    Great work and look forward to new versions.
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