#5468639, By InvisibleCrane Is it me or is any game from Activision unfairly hated because of the hatred against Robert Kotick

  • InvisibleCrane 9 Nov 2009 22:00:04 87 posts
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    Quint2020 wrote:
    I'm assuming this is a reaction to the negative comments regarding a lot of MW2 announcements? I genuinely believe that a lot of announcements have just pissed a fair few people off, nothing to do with who is publishing the title.

    It doesn't help either that you're at EG, big titles always get criticised here by a vocal minority (a vocal minority I will admit to being a part of in this case).

    It's not just MW2, it's the Guitar Hero franchise as well and pretty much any game Activision has put out since Kotick's infamous speech at a German business conference earlier this year
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