#5476882, By Dunneh Wake On LAN - What's the point?

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    Mike_Hunt wrote:
    jellyhead wrote:
    These guys claim to have it working and there's a python script plugin for xbmc you could try.

    edit: found another thread Razz where they say the xbox can't wake up via Wake On Lan as there's no hardware support built in. Don't know if that holds true for custom bios' though.
    It can send them to other kit but not respond to them itself apparently.
    I'll take a look at that script, cheers JH.

    I've done a bit more tweaking - and it seems to be possible to wake up the computer without a magic packet. I've tested this and it seems to work (I can wake up the computer using a ping). However, I don't know a lot about networking - how likely is it that my computer will simply keep turning on because of random traffic flying over my network - rather than anything I've specifically sent to that machine. Do you see what I'm saying? Are there any sort of keep-alive messages, or random polls that may wake up the computer?


    if your pc is behind a router and the router does not have any port forwarding configured then your computer will not recieve ping requests. Unless of course, you ping from your router to your pc. Your pc can only receive ping requests over the Internet if port forwarding, dmz or public routing is enabled- which they won't be unless you have configured it specifically.
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