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    I love this game, it's one of the few I keep coming back to and has outlasted many a full price title. I'm only level 24 and have yet to play ranked matches so my advice isn't foolproof, but with that in mind here's a few more tips:

    As hidden says, definitely buy wards! Its suprising how many people dont bother considering they can pretty much win the game for your team.

    If you're feeling underpowered dont stick to saving up for the next item on your build list. Go splash out on a couple of doran's items for an early game boost, could make the difference between you winning and losing the lane and you'll enjoy the match more to boot.

    Learn a few champs until you can confidently field at least one guy for each of the usual roles : solo top, solo mid, AD carry, support and jungler. This really helps if you play alot of solo queue since having the right team composition is really important and too many guys just race to lock in their favourite champ.
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