#5500482, By FHUTA 60 per cent of Xbox 360s have broken

  • FHUTA 18 Nov 2009 11:39:38 878 posts
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    Well I'm currently at 2/3's myself - got a second hand launch-ish 360 that went RROD up after about three months (but being second hand and the seller possibly being canny, I think that fudges the stats somewhat - muchlike the guy in blockbuster giving me a warped copy of Halo 3 as new that had already been returned as faulty claiming it was a bad batch not him resending out the same broken disc).

    The refurb model then finally died now after a long stint of service that's on a par with many elictrical devices with moving parts.

    Current xbox is 1 day old and hasn't had any problems yet.

    That said - my PS 1, Mega CD, Atari 400, Atari Lynx II*, Gameboy and I think every other gaming device I'd had for long enough has gone floopy in the end.

    *but only just the other day
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