#9223786, By Fondest gaming memories?

  • Deleted user 12 December 2012 23:12:48
    Binny wrote:

    My best memory has got to be the times I'd save for months & months with my bro to buy just the one game (@59.99) & then play it death because you had no other. No real trading scheme in them day's, just swapping games with your buddies & making do with what you had.
    This. You really squeezed every last drop out of the games you owned, and because of that it became imprinted in your mind and on your soul, the music, the controls, I can still pick up Megaman 2 and complete it in one session, you had to deal with the bad and the good of the game, and only tried to see the good.

    Opening a NES and a copy of Turtles on Christmas morning, I can still smell that 'new console smell' the game was crap and far to difficult but as it was the only game I owned for 5 months, I had to no choice but to play it and learn it, and finally complete it.

    Opening up a SNES years later (bundled with Mario World) and seeing Mario who gave me so much during the NES era, in his 16 bit prime.

    Reading a review of Street Fighter 2 in a magazine months before it came out, then seeing Street Fighter 2(SNES)on Games master for the first time, I recorded it and watched it over and over again until the game was released. When I got it I was blown away, the parallex scrolling, the meaty SNES sounds and I played it for years learning every character perfectly, not buy reading guides or mags, just by playing it constantly.

    Picking up an N64 controller and playing Mario64 for the first time, moving from 2D to 3D games, it was the biggest leap in gaming for me that I'll probably never experience again until they invent the holodeck.
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