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    bad09 wrote:
    Red Moose wrote:
    Since the dawn of mankind (~ 1988) the best combination of gaming has always been to have a computer and a console. Some games are suited to one or the other. Any football game IMO always is suited to consoles. PC suits sims, RPGs, mmos, etc., . It's just the way it is.

    If you played PES or other games on a console, chances are you wouldn't be in a thead about hating PC gaming. Just saying, is all :)

    I still don't really understand this "suited to" argument. Games are games what you play them on doesn't really matter.

    Sure years ago we had the problem of control and ease of use, it's the main reason consoles got so big. However for those games we have decent controllers and easy operating systems on PC now, we even have sofas and big TVs! Now these problems are gone I see no reason why any game can't be played on a PC. The PC had the best version of SF4, a beat 'em up FFS!

    Well, it is mostly developer shoddiness, but it runs both ways. I wouldn't play Fallout on PC, but then I wouldn't play Left 4 Dead on Xbox. It is a fucking awful, pale shadow of the PC game.
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