#5506557, By FHUTA You find a discarded shotgun. What do you do?

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    well despite the fact mobile phones are pretty ubiquitous there's no onus on a person having about there person the ability to make a call at all times - as such it's entirely plausible that for someone to call something in to the police they'd have to go to a phone and the odds are this'd be out of the line of sight of whatever is being reported and the call could well be reasonable time consuming.

    Staying with the object until someone comes along with a phone is all well and good, but until then you're in possession of the weapon and comitting an offence. Securing the weapon and taking it with you to make a call is also comitting the same offence.

    In both cases (and indeed the case of taking it to a police station - all be it in a badly thought out manner) should and probably would not be taken through to prosecution or it'd be made clear that the finder's have to plead guilty on a technicality, but that it would then immediately be quashed.

    The person being an idiot who's previously pissed off someone in a position of authority (and been found not guilty) should not affect that, but in this case it appears to be doing so.
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