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    Hi Kain, thanks for the feedback!

    Kain201 wrote:
    Since the site relaunched with a sale, I still have some things to pick on. Don't get me wrong, I want you guys to succeed, but GetGamesGo looks still shifty to me.
    First, I still miss a DRM notice on every game, preferably visible and not hidden in the small print. If a game needs Steam or requires a constant internet connection i would like to know before I buy it. I also would like to know what I buy. Is it a Key like AvP or is it a download from GetGamesGo? Currently, I don't know.

    With regards to this point, we do have a system in place that tells you if a steam install is required. Perhaps its not clear enough though, I'll look into it tomorrow and make sure all the games that require this are tagged as such :)
    Currently it is assumed that you guys know we use activemark, but we agree that this should be made clearer and aim to put your mind at rest with a few neat additions to the Help section.....including an FAQ :)

    Kain201 wrote:
    Secondly, the prices for most games are too high in Euro. For example, Ruse can be preorderd from GetGamesGo for 49,99 The retail from Amazon.de (with a booklet and a disc) for 44,99. Now, if I change the currency to pounds it's 34,99. This is 42,72 using current exchange rates.

    Hmmm....This kind of thing, is in the hands of the publishers. So we do have the Euro, and in my opinion, its always worth checking which currency is going to suit you best, but we can't control the variance in price because the market demand in each territory is so different.

    Kain201 wrote:
    And third, customer support. You should have at least an email support somewhere on the site. Don't force customers or potential customers to go to another site like the Eurogamer Forums.

    We do have a customer support e-mail, its just quite hidden at the moment. If you look to the 'help' section there is a little Q & A that tries to resolve your problem before you have to resort to e-mailing customer support. But a direct link will be included in the upcoming FAQ :)

    Kain201 wrote:
    I also said before the site looks shifty to me. Let me explain this a bit more. In Germany there is a law that forces commercial used sites to have a site notice. This notice contains contact and legal information about the sites owner / operator. Of course, you don't have to add this since your site is not operating from Germany. But if I where you, I would still add one. When I visit a new shopping site, this is the first thing I am looking for.

    Good Point! Thanks, I'll look into this. We definitely want you guys to feel comfortable using the site, and I do think that this kind of thing improves transparency, whether its a legal requirement or not. :)

    Cheers very much for the feedback - it is really valuable, so keep it coming :)
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