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    Hi Kain & PenguinJim

    Kain201 wrote:
    Nice to see some movement in this. I just looked at AvP description because it's a good example. It says 'DRM Steamworks', but it should say something like 'requires Steam to be installed' and 'requires a Steam account' and 'this is only a key, you do not download this from our site'.

    No its not just a keycode. You download the steamworks enabled game from our server.

    Kain201 wrote:
    And then we got cases like Assassins Creed II where I do not find any word about DRM at all. Does this mean your version does not require the constant internet connection / Ubisoft DRM?
    PenguinJim wrote:
    Ooh, seconded. Is this DRM-free? There's nothing about needing an internet connection anywhere in the requirements there.

    Yes Assassin's Creed does require a constant internet connection. I am working on getting all the tags updated as I type this...So hopefully everything will be adequately tagged by the end of the week, providing a nuclear apocalypse is not on the cards. In which case I will probably have lots of phone-calls to make, and the tagging will be put on the back burner.

    Kain201 wrote:
    It would also be really nice if you could get some EA games like Dragon Age. In Germany the pricing for that game is ridiculous. In most retail stores you pay around 50 (~ 41). For that price I could probably buy three copies in the UK. I wouldn't mind if this was also just a key for Steam or this EA download manager I heard about.

    It would be really nice!- I agree! "Good things come to those who wait" though - as a popular stout advert proclaims. :)


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