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    Crikey, I just realised I have 34 platinum trophies - albeit across two accounts (15 on my old one, 19 on the one I set up in early 2011 once I became gainfully employed on a full-time basis.)

    Those I'm proudest of to date are probably Final Fantasy XIII, Resonance of Fate & Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (mainly due to the Demolition Man achievement, which was time-consuming but great fun to shoot for with my buddy.) Those three could be considered cheating though, as I was an arts student at the time that I earned them...

    Since getting a proper job I've still managed to ace SSX, Dead Island and Killzone 3 (incl. DLC) among others, which I guess is not too shabby.

    Now it's a case of figuring out what to gun for next - I think Deus Ex is begging for that second playthrough it needs so I can fulfill any quest requirements I missed on the first run...
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