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    I got the plat for Tales of Vesperia. I can only describe the experience as punishing and pointless. One of the worst designed trophy lists ever.

    Travel 50,000km. I crawled all over the world several times over, and uncovered ever single monster, sidequest and item. And STILL, I had to rubber band my controller while flying for about 6 hours to get this pointless trophy.

    During that time, I studied kanji for a couple of hours, cleaned my house and practised juggling, on top of doing the shopping and making dinner. So, my time was well spent, but isn't that kind of trophy just stupid?

    Also, the usagi club trophy should pop when you complete membership, not make you play with those 4 characters for 5 hours, as the game often randomly plucks a character here and there, reseting the 5 hour counter to 0 each time. Stupid.

    Also, just to quickly review the game, I think that it's a game that would benefit greatly from streamlining. I would probably give it an 8 or 9 out of 10. Let's say 8/10. If they streamlined it more and shortened the cut-scenes, and cut out all the waiting for loading, it'd be a 10/10, and a legendary game. But it just takes too long to do anything in that game. Shame.

    ANYWAY... /exhales
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