#6674801, By Jos Straight couple claiming discrimination in not being allowed a civil partnership

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    "For Tom and I, the role of the husband and the role of a wife seem very strict and that's not for us," she says, arguing that such categories derive from an era when women were subservient to men. "In our day-to-day life, we feel like civil partners, not a married couple.

    "There's supposed to be something transformative about marriage, but a wedding wouldn't change our relationship."

    Tom, a civil servant, agrees. "We don't feel like a husband and wife, we feel like partners," he says.

    When I meet people like this in real life the main thing I think is how can I avoid meeting you again. Any validity to their cause is completely masked by their boundless capacity for being massively annoying.

    Sanctimonious, supercilious dullards.
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