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    I just finished this myself; beautiful game, loved it - the storytelling was brilliantly done and the ending true to the spirit of the game.

    To answer the above, yes, the 'enslaved' title refers to Monkey's condition, forced as he was by Trip to wear the slave-headband. This mirrors the original Journey To The West story, where the Buddha placed a metal headband on the Monkey King so that Tripitaka could curb his violent behaviour.

    The mechs are left over from a global war that took place ~150 years ago that eradicated much of mankind; the origin of the war is unclear, though there's an implication that consumer security mechs simply went out of control and presumably self-replicated and built bigger mechs as the war progressed.

    Pyramid, the old guy at the end, is just a guy who survived the war, and was able to gain some kind of technological advantage first to overcome the mechs and then construct and preserve himself inside the Pyramid building. Thereafter he built the slave ships and his own mech army to 'rescue' survivors from the wasteland outside his pyramid.
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