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    Phattso wrote:
    Really enjoyed reading the EG review for Far Cry 3. It described what I remember loving about FC1, mixed it with the 50% of FC2 that was worth playing, and with an extra layer of new goodness.

    I probably spent more time in FC1 reloading the 'Boat' level and just going to town on the soldiers on the islands than I've spent on playing entire other FPS games. It sounds like FC3 is basically that the whole time, with a few linear story missions thrown in to keep things interesting, and some decently memorable characters as the icing on the cake.

    Suddenly I'm very, very hyped for this again. The E3 reveal was amazing, and it sounds like the game delivers.
    Exactly the same. I really wasn't enamoured at all with FC2, although I find it difficult to illustrate exactly why.

    The review seemed to suggest this is the kind of game I can immerse myself in quite happily, as I did for both FC1 and Crysis.

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