#9195494, By Far Cry 3

  • Deleted user 1 December 2012 13:33:34
    Really enjoying this! I thought it would be better to have had the older brother seeing as he was ex military but not a big gripe really. Love the tattoo, love hunting to increase ammo capacity etc and the wildlife really is great!

    My first firefight with vaas' pirates ended up with me legging it as the two guys I was attacking had two trucks pull up as back up. I only had one clip left in my 1911 so I hid in some reeds next to a lake waiting for my prey to edge around a corner. Next thing I knew a fucking crocodile dragged me into the lake. As I writhed around wrestling the croc, the 6 pirates found my predicament and I believe they were cheering the croc on! (I may have made that last bit up).

    Anyway I killed the scaley green cunt but had to leave his hide behind as the pirates started peppering me. I genuinely shit myself, and that hasnt happened in a game since Thief I think.

    I've only really scratched the surface just been sent to find the medusa but I keep getting side tracked. Then there's multiplayer and co-op to tackle. Definitely the best value for money game this year IMO.
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