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    darkmorgado wrote:
    I think Vaas is the first bad guy in a game that I've genuinely hated for a long time. Evil mad cunt, cant wait to kill him.
    So very, very true. They've done an astonishing job on the characterization, across the board. Don't think I've looked forward to going back to the 'hub' in another game, as I have in this. Meeting all the guys and gals I've rescued and the corresponding conversations/plot. Excellent stuff.

    Actually, FC3 is one of just a handful of games that's ever made me jump. I was tracking deer on an island, where I'd also spotted a tiger roaming. Creeping around with my bow, I got a shot on a deer stood by the edge of the water. Took it down, crept over, looking over my shoulder for signs of the tiger and as I was skinning the deer a fucking alligator exploded out of the surf, grabbed my arm and pulled me underneath the water.

    Everything just 'clicked'. Amazing experience.

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