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  • Deleted user 3 December 2012 21:01:07
    Gambit1977 wrote:
    TheBear wrote:
    Anyone had issues with infinite loading screen on PS3? Been fine since Friday, now... Just won't load :-(
    Once, yes. It was on the title screen.
    I just rebooted the ps3 and it worked.
    Had exactly the same problem and resolution as Gambit yesterday (PS3 too).

    So my two highlights from today were engaging in a firefight with a gunboat around one of the areas where the water is really shallow and there's lots of little islets. As they were passing by, I managed to land a lump of C4 on their deck, let them get a bit of distance and sank them.

    Hilarity ensued after i cleared out a camp, and was going to see if i could reclaim the undetonated mines i had set down, only for a chicken to come running towards me which triggered the mines! So know we know why the chicken crossed the road - to blast me into kingdom come! (Sorry)

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