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  • Deleted user 5 December 2012 11:12:18
    ghostwhistler wrote:
    McGeeza wrote:

    Agreed but i didn't let them play the 'No Russian' level. Although i suspect they have probably played it at a friend's house but i can only do what i can do.
    and you were right to make that decision.

    sadly other people's parents are another matter.

    it would help if shops (including online which of course is impossible to police) didn't sell games to kids like this, or by proxy (knowing full well it's for the kid that's stood right there). I've seen this happen at Game time and time again. Fuckers should lose their jobs.
    I'm not saying this never happens but in general that's horse shit. Shops normally don't sell games to kids but parents buy them regardless of the warnings being offered. That comes from first hand experience. Selling games to a kid by proxy? Get a grip will you. It's this simple. If someone is old enough to buy then you gotta sell regardless of whether you think they'll let the kids play it or not. If you kept refusing adults then you'd soon lose your job.
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