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    It's strange. I didn't hate FC2, but I found it massively frustrating at times. Unless I dedicated huge chunks of my gaming time to getting immersed, it was a shite experience. Not something you could dip into and out of.

    In FC3 I know I can fire it up, run in any direction, and I'm going to be entertained. I think it has a soul all of its own. For sure it is a lot easier, but it's also a lot easier to love.

    Given the choice, I'd choose fun over atmosphere in this case. I think there is a finer balance to strike, but I'm glad that in trying to find it they went more towards fun and less towards oppressive atmosphere. At times this almost feels like Just Cause 2 (but with decent shooting and driving and missions and a more vibrant world).

    I think the best way to describe it is how I was playing FC3 yesterday. I was making my way towards a radio tower and I stumbled upon a large 8-man patrol. Fisticuffs and gunfights ensued over ten minutes or so, and it was one of the best encounters I've had in the game yet. When it was over, I carried on my merry way with a smile on my face.

    The same encounter in FC2 would have me gritting my teeth and cursing as, yet again, my progress was stymied by a fucking respawn.

    Same encounter, radically different responses. Thankfully FC2 still exists, so those wanting to dive in still can. But I'll take FC3 any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

    The abject gamification of the inventory system is an inspired choice, too. Without it the animals would've been largely ignored, but now I find myself scanning the horizon looking for herds or packs so I can upgrade my wallet. Ditto the skills tree, with the XP feeding directly into that so I'm more likely to clear out bandit camps and wotnot.
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