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    repairmanjack wrote:
    If you're cheering for the lack of respawning outposts, thanks for your input in the development of this game. If all you want is a walk, go to the park.
    @repairmanjack That's a bit harsh, I think, unless I've misunderstood you? The respawning outposts in FC2 were bollocks. They were indefensible, especially in light of the way area transitions were pushed through choke-holes. For more casual players especially (and I don't mean that in a grandma waggling a Wiimote kinda way) it made the game impenetrable. In fact, effectively unplayable in short bursts for people like me. That was a waste of a great game world and a lot of effort.

    I bought it twice; first on PC (the wow factor of that engine was immense... I still remember when I first played it) then on the 360. Did maybe 20 hours combined, which in a game like that isn't much - and it got less and less fun. :(

    There's enough challenge in FC3 that it's some distance from a walk in the park. It's one of those wonderful "make your own fun" opportunities. Why not try to take an outpost with only the pistol? Or with only takedowns? At least that's how I've been doing it. Also walking to the missions (which I can do now the risk of being reamed by a patrol camp I cleaned out ten minutes ago) and doing all the activities on the way. Absolutely easier, I don't disagree with you, but so much more varied and enjoyable. I guess there's the higher difficulty settings if you want more of a sense of trepidation?

    I'm loving it. And the random patrols are still in there, or at least I've come across a few when wandering around supposedly "safe" areas and ended up in a gunfight and my arse in a sling. :)

    So no, I didn't want a walk in the park and I didn't get one. I just wanted a game world I could enjoy, no matter how frequently I could play.
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