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    Lotos8ter wrote:
    @ModishNouns - just look around for the gold marker and try flanking around the enemies. I remember that quest well, it outstays its welcome a bit but there are a few checkpoints along it too. You pretty much HAVE to do it early or the island is closed off to you.
    Remember to press ==> to throw a rock or 10, very much needed for some of the enemies and obv stay crouched and take your time.
    Yeah I had loads of problems with that particular bit too, took me about 20 (incredibly frustrating) attempts to get past it.

    3 things which I figured out:

    - spam the rock throwing. use it to distract the guards in the upper part, then distract the guards in the lower bit separately
    - wait for the guard who is standing on the pier to walk off it into the main room
    - when you sneak down the ramp, WALK off it all the way to the bottom, don't drop off it (even 6 inches) as this will create a noise that alerts the guards
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