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    Signature weapons:

    Tanto: double damage of normal knife, unlocks with 6 Lost Letters.
    Bull: extra damage mod, extended magazine, and red dot shotty, 10 relics to unlock in shops.
    AMR: 20 relics, ridiculously powerful sniper. Unsilenced and uses explosive rounds, which is bad.
    Shadow: 17 outposts, 1911 pistol with extended clip, sight and suppressor.
    Cannon: Uplay points, Magnum with extended barrel, sight and extended clip.
    Ripper: 6 Trials of the Rakyat passed to unlock, an LMG with scope and extended magazine with lowered recoil and better accuracy and power.
    Shredder: 10 memory cards to unlock, SMG with reflex sight and silencer and extended clip.
    Bushman: Get all the radio towers, assault rifle with suppressor, optical scope and extended magazine. Only way to get a suppressed P416.

    On second island now, thinking I'll spend my time getting all the towers now that I'm in disguise and people won't attack me.
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