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    Yeah, I'm firmly in the "story isn't the core of this experience" camp on this one. Same with the original Far Cry, same with Far Cry 2 (which was so impenetrable for me to play I can't even say if it had a story).

    The danger with too much story in open world FPS games is that it locks your character down so much. You either end up with ridiculous parody (as in Far Cry 3, where I can slaughter thousands of people and then my avatar decides to have a moment of deep self awareness) or complete genericism (a la Skyrim, where the vast majority of people have fuck all of interest to say to you as you bimble your way through to the inevitable conclusion(s)).

    Frankly I'd have been happier with only the slightest of motivations, and then be let loose on the island. That said, I've enjoyed some of the characters I've come across and without them and the broad narrative this would just be Just Cause 2 without the flying. So I guess they struck a compromise. It works for me, obviously not so much for FWB and co.

    I would pay money (not much, but some) for a mode to repopulate all the outposts when I'm done. They are just too much fun to take over. :)

    So "game" of the year* isn't too far off the mark for me, in that the gameplay is some of the most fun I've had (not yet finished Dishonoured though, and that's amazing so far). Certainly not "story driven game of the year" but then that's not even in the ballpark of what I was expecting.

    * my personal accolade went to Motorstorm RC on Vita anyways. Absolutely adore that game.
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