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    @FWB and @caligari

    Maybe I'm getting a bit meta here, but the purpose of the game is to entertain me. The outposts were so much fun, possibly the most fun I've had in a shooter for years and years, that I honestly don't care if my motivation was to liberate the last pot of marmite or save the universe. The game was fun.

    I'm the same in Halo. I don't give a flying fuck why I'm saving the universe or whatever, I just like the mechanics of playing the game. I'm the same in Dishonoured. I don't care so much about the dystopian future because I'm having too damn much fun with the excellent stealth game mechanics and the world of possibility. But I love the _setting_ in each of those examples.

    I guess it comes down to how much the story takes one out of the experience. It's rare for a story to ruin a game for me. Even Baldur's Gate 2, one of my favourite games of all time, had a bobbins story. Didn't stop the game being fun.

    Far Cry 3 succeeds as a game. I guess I'll just count myself lucky that I don't need to delve into the moods and motives of my arbitrary gaming avatar in order to enjoy a game about shooting humans in the face, then punching sharks in the bollocks, skinning them and making a new wallet. :)

    The exploration element of the open world didn't have purpose in and of itself, but what it did do was give the outposts and missions a real sense of _place_. If they were just "levels" then it would have left me cold. But they existed in this connected grand environment.

    More than once I beat an hasty retreat from a botched outpost assault in a vehicle. Heart racing. Great stuff, and very much dependent on the open world being there. There's also nothing quite like smoke, or a radio tower, looming in the distance to trigger that "ooh, just ten more minutes" pull that I so love about a good game.

    Can't argue with you on the collectibles - I skipped them almost entirely 'cos they weren't fun. But some people are OCD nutters, so I can see why they're in there.

    Like you, my gaming time is also limited. Extremely so. So I'd much rather play one that I find contains fun. Pure, unadulterated fun.

    I'd certainly counsel both you to just approach this as a fun simulator. Make your own. Do an outpost with only the knife. With only the sniper rifle. With only animals. :) It's amazing, enthralling, emergent awesomeness. Fuck the story. Right in its arse.
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