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    I guess the game could use some mixing up of its rigid structure - people are good at seeing patterns, and in this one it quickly leads into repeating itself, even if the events within said patterns do get unpredictable (and fun). But since they have that big world, why not use it? Why not have outposts in the various bunkers and special locations? Why not have smaller groups of enemies scrounging through the caves looking for artifacts? Why is the supply drop mission always next to the radio tower?

    In other words, I'd just like an injection of the exploratory goodness of Skyrim into this (the locations are already there, just gimme a reason to go there), and a more persistent infrastructure on a grander scale (ie. have finite supply of enemies, reinforced, say, once a week via the airstrip). I always hate when you start to notice how an open world is really built around the player, instead of having the player messing about in an already-existing & working ecosystem.
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