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    FWB wrote:
    Buck isn't a character. He is a waste of pixels. An annoying presence who made me switch off every time he opened his mouth. Vaas has something to him, but rambles on too much, seems to lack any logic (still no idea why he decides to hold these jocks) and is worse than any Hollywood baddie at killing people. Hoyt is alright, if generic, as is Willis. Best character was Sam. Should have made him the player
    Buck is memorable, though. And so is Vaas. Admittedly I'm only 12 hours into Dishonored, really taking my time so actually quite early in the game, but there's only actually one character out of all of them that I can even remember. :)

    I'm not defending the FC3 story here, I agree with you that it's tosh, but I do say many of the characters have been memorable. Certainly not the cardboard cutouts you get in, for example, Skyrim. But also nothing like as well drawn as the Mass Effect roster.
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