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    captbirdseye wrote:
    Decent game if you can get past the horrible 'bro' characters.
    Don't know why I quoted you originally. Sorry

    Anyways, I managed to grab an hour on it before picking my son up from nursery.  I was taking it slow to make sure I could take it all in. I'm only on the simple intro missions at the moment but the setting is glorious and the scope for stealth has me hooked already

    Did a simple fetch quest to get some leaves and kill some boar.  All was going well until I was swimming for the blue ones and a fucking crocodile monched on my leg.  I shat myself.  I got stabby, it sank and i got an achievement.  Woohoo!  I couldn't skin it though. Is that right? 

    Next mission involved me doing an outpost.  I stealthily crept around the outskirts performing recon to see what I'd have to deal with and after planning it all out and deciding where to attack first I fucked up and threw a rock and causing everyone to group around its location, which just so happened to be 2 foot in front of me.

    Aww shit ... What to do, what to do ....


    Outpost won :-)

    Cannot wait to play more.

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