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    This games is awesome.  I played it for another 3 hours last night and started to explore and get around a bit more.

    I love scoping out compounds, running and sliding from cover to cover and planning the attack.  Singling people out with rocks and then pouncing with the knife never gets old.

    I did a wanted missing on a tiny island.  I circled my way around in the water planning and counting enemies. Then I crept up the hillside and crouched in the bushes waiting for my moment.  I drew him towards me with rocks and then the all important RS highlight popped up.

    I dashed from the bushes and plunged the knife into his throat, he gurgled into silence and as the life slowly seeped from his eyes i dragged him back into the bushes.

    Achievement ... In cold blood. 

    Borderlands is definitely on hold for now.
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