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    Well I've put about 10 hours into this now and its just getting better.  The QTE style set pieces and hallucination scenes can eat a dick though.  They do nothing for me and I find them a chore, especially the hallucination ones where I'm forced to walk slowly as some shut plays out.

    I've hardly touched the main missions at all.  Spent the majority of the time in the bushes like some kind of poacher.  Pretty sure I've hunted and killed every animal now with the exception of dingo.  Where the hell are they?!

    Compounds are without a doubt the the most fun though now that I've got the recipe for fiery arrows.  Sneaking around and mining all the exits, then getting to higher ground and unleashing fiery hell.  Ah the screams :-)

    Just finished a mission that involved me burning fields.  Drug fields!  All kinds of fun.  Didn't even bother with the flame thrower at all.  I was running and sliding from cover around the outskirts and the throwing Molotov's in.  Didn't want to get too close in case i ended up warped out of my face as they torched.  Did the entire mission unseen and then sailed away in style with all the barrels still exploding behind me.  #smug

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