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    Just started a rerun on the new 'master' difficulty. Enemies do more damage now and seem to be a bit more aware. Maybe.

    I'm also playing with the detection meter turned off, which seems better, I found it far too easy to avoid being seen before. I always had the jump on the enemies so was virtually never surprised by them when exploring/traveling/murdering tapirs. It's good to be on the back foot now and then.

    Also I still love the random encounters in this. Was on my way back to an outpost to stock-up on ammo and find 2 pirates holding up a couple of villager's jeep, accusing them of being with rebels. It turns into a mass shout-out with the villagers screaming while bullets fly past their heads. Then minutes later save 2 more village people (not those village people), only for one of them to immediately be attacked by a komodo, so I shoot the komodo… and the villager… oops.

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