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    This was really quite underrated at the time of it's release. While the multiplayer certainly lacks the depth of Battlefield, for a quick pick up and play COD alternative it's fantastic!

    It feels a lot more brutal than COD - you can't just run and gun. It seems to require your team to form an offensive / defensive line against the opposition which you need to hold before slowly advancing forward.

    The objective based maps are also fantastic, it's just a shame there aren't more of them, in fact, it's a shame there aren't more maps overall.

    The single player campaign was disappointing in that it was too short and clearly had been rushed with lots of bugs appearing. However, it was far more fun than BlOps and had some truly fantastic moments in the middle sections.

    If you can pick this up cheap then do it.

    Damn, I hope PSN is up again soon as I fancy a bank holiday blast on this now...
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