#5562050, By kupocake Shoddy FPS controls thanks to cross platform releases

  • kupocake 3 Dec 2009 18:11:24 125 posts
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    The SAW game has some hilarious controls. The action buttons from the console versions are mapped to the numbers 1 through 6, and the mouse pretty much just picks up whatever the right stick is supposed to do. The very first puzzle requires that you swish your mouse around the desk as fast as possible, whilst a bunch of numbers appear on a trap. Now, if you're playing on a console and you see 'Square' or 'Y' appear on something, you twig pretty quickly. The number '2' appears, and you think it's a countdown, not a button prompt for the world's most bizarre control scheme. And so you get desensitised to the game's silly violence even quicker than everyone else.

    There's also these balancing beams that appear every now and then that require you to push your mouse forward in a straight line, as if you're playing the world's most tedious steady hand game. Really strange 'decisions' made there. Oh, and the controls are completely uncustomisable.

    At least Dead Space is a good game before you layer in that awfulness!
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