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    I recently went back and did the time attacks, and honestly, I haven't played a game half as exhilarating in a while. The array of First Person experience and running moves is just fantastic, and floors every other bit of First Person immersion out there. And then the combat happens... and it doesn't need fixing, it just needs removing entirely. It's Dice's "zombies in The Dark Project" mistake, and I worry that it's going to rear its ugly head again in a sequel because the game's fugitive action story demands that the police are pursuing you..

    And on the subject of that story, it basically introduces and develops two characters, nudge winking all the way that 'someone on the inside is betraying us!!!' and then... oh my, it turns out that the character you know slightly less about, who isn't talking in your ear constantly is the one who is the double agent! No wonder people were shocked about how short the game was when its central mystery was throbbingly obvious three missions in.

    Open world Mirror's Edge? I'd be lying if I said the idea didn't appeal (it kind of isn't 'free-running' when you're channeled through a linear game), but I think we can wait until the market is flooded with FP Parkour games until we explore that idea.
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