#5564600, By FHUTA would you let your gf cheat on you, if it was with another girl...?

  • FHUTA 4 Dec 2009 12:52:40 878 posts
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    hmmm - with regard to the OP as opposed to the threesome based tangents I really don't know.

    Theoretically, I don't think humans are neccesarilly best served through monogamy, I think it is possible to seperate emotion and sex to a certain degree (though that's a mine field of course), and I don't think it's right to curtail the activities of someone you care about if it's not a clear harm to themselves, others or the societal social contract.

    But then intimate human interaction can be a messy business and the risk of them bonding with the "cheatee", jealousy or seeing them in a lesser light after the fact are very possible.

    That said I'd probably say yes due to the former reasons above, but assume that it'd have a good chance of breaking the current relationship for the latter reasons. (I'm self destructive like that).

    It'd definately depend on the people involved and my opinion of the person to be "cheated" with. Actually it might not - even if I had a severe dislike of the other person I'd probably not stop it, but'd consider it a signal of the end of the relationship as I couldn't see the other half in the same light knowing they wished permission to flit off with someone I really couldn't abide.
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