#5564817, By FHUTA would you let your gf cheat on you, if it was with another girl...?

  • FHUTA 4 Dec 2009 13:31:45 878 posts
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    well, ignoring my theoretical stance and switching to advice mode - not that that's what's wanted.

    Let her, but with the proviso that she's honest with you about it and if she does develop feelings for the other person then she's not to string either party along by trying to manage two parrallel relationships.

    Good luck and know things might not work, but you can't really control someone so in the words of the only hit song spawned by a Hitchcock film "Que Sera, Sera - Whatever Will Be, Will Be"

    And as the saying goes, "If you love someone set them free and if they return they're probably broken!"
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