#5595379, By kupocake Child owners: what age group is Professor Layton suitable for?

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    Actually, the games have a 7+ rating in the UK, and the rear of the package says something about reading comprehension being necessary for enjoyment (I forget exactly how they phrase it: my copy of Layton has been shared around quite a bit. Will have to get it back so I can let my sister have a go!). This must be a voluntary rating picked out by Nintendo based on the puzzle's difficulty, because there's nothing especially dark in content. I would have thought 'a bright 8 year-old' will enjoy it. Of the 130-odd puzzles in the first one, you only have to complete about a quarter of them to complete the story, you get three hints on every puzzle and a good portion of them can eventually be solved simply by burning through a small pool of options.

    So yeah, I reckon most 7-pluses would enjoy the game. Hobo's smart 10-pluses are probably the age group where most kids are going to be capable of seeing everything the game has to offer, but that's probably true of most games.

    We probably don't give kids enough credit for their gaming ability (or durability). I think a bright, interested kid will 'learn' the rules of Layton OR Mario if their attention is held for long enough (and playing a platform game isn't that much easier in comparison to a puzzle-adventure. There's still one-hit-kills and bottomless pits to fall into!)
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